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As a Certified Family Life Educator and Marriage Specialist, Patrician is committed to bringing you the best Marriage and Relationship Enrichment possible through a combination of Intimate Relationship Education and Relationship Coaching using research based methods and the science of relationships. Whether you are navigating the dating scene, preparing for marriage, navigating the various stages of marriage, or dealing with issues involving finances, work related issues, or retirement; Patrician is qualified to assist. Family Life Education and Relationship Coaching  is beneficial as the focus is on taking personal responsibility, stopping the blame game, and taking action towards strengthening relationships using research based methods to produce long term change and results. Patrician is committed to strengthening relationships by combining the knowledge of the Science of Relationships, Family Life Education, Relationship Coaching and proven Relationship Methods as listed on the National Registry of Evidence Based Programs and Practices, and in Scientific Journals; in addition to offering Faith based Relationship Coaching. When looking for a professional for marital work or other relationships issues, it is essential to find a Professional Marriage Counselor, Certified Family Life Educator or Relationship Coach who is well trained and has additional research based certifications in marriage, parenting and relationship methodologies. Relationship Education and Relationship Coaching is not mental health counseling / therapy, and should not be used as a substitute for mental health counseling / therapy.