Whether it is preparing for marriage, navigating the stages of marriage, communication problems, rebuilding your love and friendship, or working through a difficult season; Patrician, as a Certified Family Life Educator and Relationship Coach, has the expertise and experience to offer a hope based and solution focused approach to marriage. Patrician's approach is personalized using a variety of research based methods such as Gottman Institute, PREP 8.0, Prepare / Enrich, Emotionally Focused Couples Program, and The Smart Stepfamily. Whether you've been married 1 year, 10 years, 25 years or 50 years, now is the time to build a deeper lasting love and intimacy. 

When seeking relationship help, it is important to choose a credentialed professional who has additional certifications in research based marital methodologies, and family relations, and devotes their practice to relationships, keeping up with the latest research and trainings. A recent survey showed that 81% of counselors say they do marriage counseling but only 12% have any training in marriage counseling or methodologies. This is mainly due to counselors primarily being professionally trained in mental health issues. Marital issues are considered to be adjustment issues not mental health disorders.  In looking for a marriage counselor, marriage or relationship coach or certified family life educator, look for a professional that has additional certifications as certifications reflect knowledge, the ability to apply that knowledge, and the adherence to professional standards. Patrician is a lifelong learner who devotes her practice to relationships and keeps up with the latest research and marriage certifications. 

It takes commitment, effort and skill to navigate the stages of marriage. In the beginning of a relationship, neurotransmitters that produce feelings comparable to the high and addiction of being on cocaine and heroine propel individuals to accept one another unconditionally, overlook faults, resolve conflict, and move towards each other. These neurochemicals (phenylethylamine, dopamine, oxytocin, norepinephrine, and serotonin) are responsible for the feelings and actions of the first stage of a relationship, along with the constant obsessive warm thoughts about one another. However, after the Honeymoon stage, these chemicals fade, and it takes something greater to propel individuals forward to move towards each other and regain these initial chemical based feelings of love to achieve a deeper committed true love that will last a lifetime. In a culture where the divorce rate is higher with each subsequent marriage, couples tend to bail out before reaching a deeper lasting committed more satisfying love, only to start another relationship which eventually experiences dissatisfaction just as the previous relationship. Why not learn to navigate the stages of marriage, while growing individually to push through to a deeper lasting love in your marriage? Couples who work through the difficult times report a deeper, more satisfying love than before. A love that has been built over time and perseveres surpasses even the short lived thrill of newly discovered affection and infatuation which is seen in the beginning of relationships. 

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