Parenting can be a challenge in this media driven, fast paced world. While the first 5 years of a child's life is important for brain development, the latest medical research shows that the adolescent brain continues to develop and that adolescence is a critical time for the development of motivation, judgement and emotions. Teens tend to pull away during adolecence but it is essential that parents stay involved and encourage their teens to problem solve, while guiding their teens to make responsible choices within limitations to produce emotionally healthy, responsible young adults. Whether you need help parenting a young child or teen or guiding a college student, Patrician is committed to bringing the joy back into parenting using Research based Parenting Methods listed on the National Registry of Evidence Based Programs and Practices in addition to the knowledge of the latest research on child and adolescent brain development. Patrician can guide you in building the parent child relationship, building character, teaching respect and self respect, replacing power struggles with cooperation, encouraging your children to take personal responsibility, and in training in intrinsic motivation.

Divorce and Remarriage presents unique parenting challenges, in addition to additional marriage challenges if spouses remarry. Spouses who remarry often face the same challenges that they faced in their previous marriage but will add additional challenges of a blended family.