Financial Coaching

Financial Coaching within the context of Family Life Education empowers individuals and partners to reach their financial goals while developing and maintaining healthy financial habits. Whether you need assistance in collaborating financially with a spouse, need to develop a budget, need a plan for saving or paying off debt, or need guidance in deciding whether to buy an inexpensive house or a million dollar house; working on financial intimacy could benefit your relationship and financial future. As a Certified Family Life Educator and Certified Master Financial Coach, Patrician is an experienced, trained professional who can assist couples in establishing financial intimacy.

Each year, millions of dollars are spent by governments, companies, and institutions in an effort to educate people financially and to help them make better financial choices. However, these programs often neglect to address the emotional and behavioral aspects that influence financial decisions and behaviors. Often, unconscious beliefs and patterns about money create stress, anxiety, and fear which can lead to financial self sabotaging behaviors. Financial Intimacy is one of the 7 areas of intimacy that all couples have to work on as spouses often have different financial personalities. Financial coaching is a flexible approach that can help with goal attainment, financial intimacy in a relationship, increase money management skills, improve saving habits, improve credit scores, and reduce debt levels. Financial Well- Being is a sense of financial security and financial freedom, in the present moment and also when considering one's future. Research shows that adults with high levels of financial well-being often display the following characteristics:

1. They have an internal frame of reference in that they often make financial decisions in light of their own standards and values rather than in comparison to other people (they do not make financial decisions in an effort to keep up with the Jones' or out of fear of missing out).

2. They have strong impulse control and have the ability to delay gratification in hopes of future rewards.

3. They persevere in the face of obstacles.

4. They are confident in their ability to manage money and achieve financial goals.

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