Marriage Blog

  • Intimacy in Marriage
    Intimacy requires an ongoing focus and priority of seeking to know our partner more deeply and sharing life together. It involves being vulnerable and being fully invested emotionally instead of Read more
  • Roles and Expectations in Marriage
    If you co-owned a business with a business partner and had employees, you would not simply tell your employees to just do whatever they notice needs to be done. Both Read more
  • Finances in Marriage
    It has been stated that couples argue over finances more than any other topic. Regardless of how much money a couple has, prioritizing how to spend money is problematic for Read more
  • Fun and Friendship in Marriage
    It is easy in marriage to get carried away by daily responsibilities and neglect meaningful talks and leisure time. Prioritizing special times together will keep your relationship alive and growing. Read more
  • The Stages of Marriage
    The manufactures of Bugutti, Ferrari, Koenigsegg, Pagani and Rolls Royce are the top players in the supercar market. They deliver the fastest, rarest, prettiest, and most expensive cars to a Read more
  • Conflict Resolution in Marriage
    Conflict in a marriage is inevitable. Often couples have an incorrect perception that conflict in marriage is not normal and not healthy. There will be differences in all relationships. Responding Read more
  • Communication in Marriage
    Poor relations between two countries can lead to war. Great diplomats have mastered the art of diplomatic communication as a lot is at stake. The goal of diplomacy can be Read more